You have spent a lifetime carefully building and managing your wealth. Determining how to best transition your wealth to the next generation can be a difficult challenge, from deciding the structure of your estate plan to beginning conversations with the next generation about how to preserve and grow your life’s work. Most families that we counsel have similar goals, providing for children, grandchildren and philanthropic causes while minimizing estate taxes, but choose to implement their estate plans in very different manners and timeframes.

With first-hand experience on this matter, we have extensive knowledge about many of the important issues and decisions that arise during this process. When you are ready to begin the conversations about transitioning your wealth to the next generation, we set up a series of meetings with you to gain a deep understanding of your family’s goals and values.

Once we understand your needs, we recommend an asset allocation, an investment plan and a wealth transfer strategy and form a team with your attorney and accountant to implement your goals. At the appropriate time, we facilitate a bridge conversation between generations and set the wealth transfer process in motion.