January 6th, 2023
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Wealth Management News & Insights

Financial Markets

  • Market Recap of 2022 and Outlook for 2023: Listen to this Merrill Lynch podcast for an overview of the market this past year and what to expect in 2023. [Merrill Lynch]
  • Stocks Drop in Final Trading Day of Year: Investors suffered one of the worst years in recent history, with stocks and bonds falling in tandem. [WSJ]
  • Individual Investors Hang On in Wild Year for Stocks While Pros Sell: Small investors dive into markets as institutional ones grow more bearish. [WSJ]

Financial Planning

  • Six Ways to Protect Your Money in 2023: Ready for the possibility of more economic chaos in the New Year? Here are some simple steps you can take now. [WSJ]
  • Don’t Just Spend Your Time—Invest It: Time, like money, can be allocated to build wealth, meaning and happiness in the years to come. [WSJ]
  • How Long Will Your House Last: A part-by-part guide to the life expectancy of the pieces and systems in your home. [NAHB]

Tax Planning

  • Beware the Tax Bite From Delayed IRA Withdrawals: Alexis Leondis: The legislation signed by President Joe Biden Thursday includes changes to retirement plans that will push up the age people are required to start withdrawing from their IRAs and 401(k)s to 73 next year from the current 72, and extend it to 75 in 2033. [Bloomberg]

Business Strategy

  • How Southwest Airlines Melted Down: Airline executives and labor leaders point to inadequate technology systems as one reason why a brutal winter storm turned into a debacle. [WSJ]
  • Southwest’s Meltdown Could Cost It Up to $825 Million: The airline has not said how soon it will upgrade the systems that contributed to mass flight cancellations, or how much that will cost. [NYT]
  • Getting Results—and Money—When Airlines Cancel Flights: A guide for passengers on what they can ask for from airlines after cancellations that can lead to unexpected hotel stays and lost luggage. [WSJ]
  • NFL ‘Sunday Ticket’ Goes to YouTube in Seven-Year, $2 Billion Annual Deal: The NFL announced its “Sunday Ticket” subscription would go to Google’s YouTube TV starting next season, marking the league’s second media rights deal with a streaming service. [CNBC]
  • Your Coworkers Are Less Ambitious; Bosses Adjust to the New Order: For a growing number of professionals, the days of unpaid overtime and working through weekends are in the past. Firms add people to finish projects, close for holidays and take other steps. [WSJ]
  • Kia’s New Branding Strategy Looks to Compete in the EV Era: Redesigned dealerships, colors and logo are all part of Kia’s multimillion-dollar effort to rebrand. [WSJ]
  • The Race to Build the ‘Yellowstone’ Universe: Amid tight deadlines and freezing temperatures, Paramount churns out prequels to generate programming for its streaming service and capitalize on a hit. [WSJ]
  • Misleading Ads Fueled Rapid Growth of Online Mental Health Companies: Some employees and patients say these marketing practices have contributed to the abuse of controlled substances. [WSJ]

Life & Work

  • Babies in First Class: Which Side of the Aisle Are You On: For some travelers, nothing can kill that premium-cabin buzz quicker than an infant next to them. But for parents, despite the overwhelming opposition (and glaring side-eye), seats in the front of the plane can be golden. [NYT]
  • Here’s How Doctors Treat Their Own Colds and Flus: With the country facing a barrage of illnesses, we asked ear, nose and throat specialists and family doctors which remedies they swear by. [WSJ]
  • How to Block Scam Calls, the Top Source of Fraud Against Older Adults: Virtual assistants, call blocking and robocall apps can keep con artists at bay. [WSJ]
  • Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2023: Our tech columnists look ahead to an Apple headset, Netflix password crackdowns, the next DALL-E and more. [WSJ]

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